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We share our commission with our buyers! Commercial property buyers get a refund by finding a commercial property on their own and then work with us to draft an offer for them. Once you identify an investment property, we will handle the market research, offer presentation, negotiations, due diligence, and the closing process. At close of escrow, Platinum Capital Realty rebates 50% of our earned commission. In order to take advantage of our Buyer Cash Rebate program, please contact one of our consultants to become engaged in an Agency Relationship with Platinum Capital Realty to ensure we can represent you and your best interest.

How Does Buyer Cash Back Work?
When we represent a buyer, the seller pays Platinum Capital Realty a commission depending on the purchase price. We refund you up to 50% of this commission.

The following example shows the refund amount from our cash rebate program with 3% buyer agent's commission:
  • $1,000,000 Sales Price
  • 3% Traditional Commission to Platinum Capital Realty = $30,000
  • 50% Rebate to the Home Buyer at closing = $15,000
You receive your Cash Rebate within 10 days of closing
Platinum Capital Realty can apply your buyer rebate for closing costs and mail you the remainder of the credit within 10 days of closing. You can not use your cash rebate for down payment.

Our Buyer Cash Rebate Terms & Conditions:
For buyer services rendered, Platinum Capital Realty has a minimum fee of $7,000 for Commercial property purchases. If the commission we receive is less than $14,000, we will deduct $7000 and rebate the remaining amount to you.

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