Health Care Property
Beverly Hills Real Estate Platinum Capital Realty's commercial real estate division specializes in sales, acquisition, financing and leasing services for all types of health care properties and medical office building properties in Southern California. Whether you want to buy or sell health care property or need to lease your health care or medical office space, our commercial real estate brokers have the every day market experience to provide you with a customized real estate solution that would meet your real estate needs. Health care building owners and investors benefit from our unconventional and consultative approach to our clients' real estate requirements and their individual investment goals.

Health Care Seller Service

Platinum Capital Realty is the leading full service discount commercial real estate brokerage firm in Southern California specializing in sales and disposition of all types of health care and medical office building properties including hospitals, surgery centers, specialty centers, mixed used medical office buildings or similar type health care properties. Our firm offers discount commercial real estate listings for all types of Southern California health care properties while saving sellers thousands of dollars in real estate broker commission. Learn more about our commercial selling services.

Health Care Property Buyer Service

Platinum Capital Realty works with buyers and investors in identifying the suitable health care or medical office building properties and enables them to make the right decisions in acquiring their health care investments. At Platinum Capital Realty, our commercial real estate professionals will evaluate and determine your investment criteria and help you identify the suitable health care commercial property that would fit your need. Additionally, we would evaluate the property and assess the local health care real estate market to provide you with enough information to make a right decision and arrange competitive financing for your acquisition. Learn more about our commercial property buyer services.

Health Care Property Leasing Service

Platinum Capital Realty has the expertise and market knowledge to market and lease all types of medical office spaces and health care facilities on behalf of owners and landlords. Our leasing specialists develop a customized marketing solution to ensure your health care space receives maximum market exposure to reach highest number of potential health care tenants. In addition to our traditional marketing campaign, we list your health care space in multiple commercial listing services and proactively contact and follow up with every potential tenant to ensure your vacant health care space is quickly leased.
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