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Unlike most brokerage firms, Platinum Capital Realty's clients can choose between two levels of fees; not service. We don't have different levels of service that correlate to the fees you pay. All of our clients receive the same level of exceptional service regardless of the fee option they choose.

Flat Fee Option

This is our most popular and least expensive fee option. You'll pay $900 in advance for listing, marketing and materials for your property upon agreeing to work with us. Platinum Capital Realty charges you 0.5% of the sale price of your home at closing plus you will pay the buyer's agent commission of 2% to 3% depending on the sale price of your property. This way, rather than paying 5%-6% of your sale price for realtor fees, you will pay total of $900 plus 2.5% to 3.5%.

For our flat fee service, our total minimum fee is $4,000. That means if your home sells less than $620,000, we will charge you $900 in advance and $3,100 at closing.

Discounted Real Estate Commission

There are sellers that do not want to pay the $900 advance listing and marketing fee. Instead, Platinum Capital Realty offers you an option to pay total of 4% commission at closing. Although this option is a little bit more expensive than our advance Flat Fee option, you will still save 1%-2% in total realtor fees.
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